Cordless Glue Gun powered by Makita Batteries *No Batteries included

  • $ 17500

STEP UP To the state of the art for your glue gun! We as PDR technicians know that glue pulling is essential to top level repairs. That's why this site exists at all! 

Well being cordless is a key factor in being able to be quick and efficient. Until now, that meant three different chargers with different charge times, too many wires and too many things to break or get lost.

Now, you can use ONE system for your drill, driver, light, AND now GLUE GUN! We only carry the Makita version because the Makita batteries are top notch , can charge the fastest and can take a tremendous physical beating. Plus they are available almost everywhere!

What if the battery is dead and you need it NOW? Well you can power the gun directly through the cigarette 12v port bypassing the battery. Boom: It's a wired gun now.

This isn't some off the shelf gun taped to a battery adapter either. ALL of the internals are custom built to have the best properties SPECIFIC to PDR use. Quick start up, stable proper temperatures and max run time.

BONUS Charge your phone or tablet right there as you work with the included USB port on the back of the gun!

Step up to state of the art TODAY!



This glue gun is powered by Makita 18v batteries.  We recommend 3.0 ah or higher battery capacity. 
Dual Temp 375f High 325f Low
LED indicator for battery status
(Green Level ok) (Red 5 Min Shut Off warning)
LED indicator for Low High/Temp setting
USB 2 amp output for charging usb 5v devices
(Like Cell Phones)
12v bypass to operate glue gun from 12v source
(Like vehicle battery)
Ergonomic feel with easy trigger pull
1 Hour per ah of battery run time on High setting
( 4 hours of operation on 4 ah battery using high setting)
Increased run time on low setting
6mo Warranty through Manufacturer (Elimadent Tools, LLC)

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