Edge Jack Pro w Precise Point

  • $ 21200

The new Edge Jack Pro is an all new edge damage tool solution that incorporates the original edge jack's power and adds a whole lot more. With the industry's only Precise Point guide pointer, the Edge Jack Pro gives a level of accuracy never before attainable. Just line up the scratch preventing Precise Point nylon pin with the damage in any double paneled edge, pull the handle on the mini lifer, and watch magic happen. The newly designed body gives you the ability to see the damage better, and the proprietary tips that come with the Edge Jack Pro give options like never before. Mount the tips in the "swivel mount" hole, and the tips will swing in any direction, and give a half inch more of reach.

Set comes with three tips: sharp, blunt, and the right angle cone tip. Also includes the nylon "Precise Point" pointer, set screw for securing the body to a mini lifter.

Edge Jack Pro will still accept normal sized interchangeable tips from various manufacturers.

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