Precision Steel Tap Down Set 3pc

  • $ 6900

The most precise steel tap down set you can get! These steel tools are specially commissioned from a steel sculptor who creates Suits of Armor! The tips have been specifically created to be able to drop the most precise area and create works of art in your PDR repairs.

The set includes:

  • 1 Ultra precise skinny steel for the most micro highs

  • 1 Mid Size round tool that I call the "Re-Peeler" You can guess why it earned that name: The knock down mark that it leaves is the exact size of the average "low" in a factory orange peel texture, allowing your tap down work to blend right into the rest of the paint and producing a flawless repair.

  • 1 Rectangle section tool to iron out long high ridges

These tools are tremendously powerful and will produce amazing results with the right person behind them. However, please use them with caution if you are new to PDR or new to steel knock down work, as they can be very dangerous if not held 90 degrees to the panel while striking. We recommend a practice panel to learn the tools if this will be your first go with steel knockdown work.

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