Steel Core Tap Down Set

  • $ 5400

This is the newest Tap Down set on the market. It has, as the name suggests, a steel core to give your strikes accuracy and power without having to REALLY put a ton of force into your strikes, which improves accuracy. The entire body is coated in tool handle material to make it scratch proof to the vehicles you are working on. This is a very important feature: we believe ANY tool you use around a car that you are supposed to be making perfect again, shouldn't easily damage it beyond repair. That's what the majority of interchangable tip tap downs do now. They're generally machined from aluminum and have VERY sharp edges at the head which can and DO scratch cars. These will NOT.

The tips it comes with are even more exciting than the tool itself: First up, The Dent Technology, INC organic thermo polymer plastic tip that is all the rage right now. It keeps its shape MUCH longer than the delrin products that have been used for decades and is highly resistant to scratching paint. It sells for $8 by itself direct from their site.

Second, the Polished DentCraft H16 tip. It is a steel, slightly domed tip that is polished to a mirror finish for effective blending and tap down work. It retails for $19.95 on their site direct. It ships with a snug fitting plastic cover that protects the polished surface AND cushions the strike for subtle crown work.

When would you use steel? Well, the steel strike is much more direct than the plastic. With the same force from the hammer, the steel will drop a smaller more controlled area for doing precision work. Think about glue pulling a very sharp dent: You'll want to knock the edges down between pulls without making a big giant mess of the entire area. That's when we switch to steel. Pro Tip: When striking with a lot of force using the steel tip it CAN leave slight dimples in the clear depending of how hard the particular vehicle's paint is. Usually these marks can me removed if desired by lightly sanding and polishing after the repair is complete. 


The Steel Core Tap Down Set will quickly become your most used tool!

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