Tolecut Complete Kit

  • $ 5988

Are you curious why other techs are faster and cleaner than you on similar damage?

They probably aren't any better than you! They just use TOLECUT to "finish" their work!

You've heard all the chatter about Tolecut dry sanding to eliminate surface imperfections. Well now you can buy all THREE types together in a package that makes sense! 

We've put 5 sheets of each color ( each sheet has 8 adhesive backed pcs, that's 40 pcs of each color) into a set including the rubber sanding block. Now you don't need to buy 30 years of sandpaper at once!

Here's how the colors break down:

Type Polisher Speed Finish (grit)
Black ±1500 >3000
Green ±1200 >2500
Pink ±1000 >2000


If you've never used tolecut, you're in for a surprise! ZERO water needed, the system is designed to be used completely dry. That means no mess, no running to get water and a rag, just scuff, buff and GO! It's twice as quick and super flat and clean when you're done. The small black keeps polish work to a minimum as well by keeping your work area as small as you need it to be.

So, 120 adhesive backed pieces of sand paper, and one block all together! Get your's on it's way TODAY!

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